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Internet Safety Day - February 7th, 2023

Boys from 3rd - 6th Classes recently attended workshops on Internet Safety, hosted by Cyber Safe Kids who are experts in this field.

As part of this work, our students completed a survey on their online habits which you can view by clicking the link below.

Internet Safety Day - Student Survey

Last term, the 2022 Student Council organised a fundraiser to benefit those impacted by the crisis in Ukraine. They chose a digital detox as their means of raising funds and the response from students was phenomenal, raising over 5000 euros and no little awareness for this important humanitarian cause. The charity the council chose to donate to was Unicef and, so impressed were they by our efforts, had this to say:

Dear Students
From all of us here at UNICEF we wanted to say thank you for all the effort and the hard work
you have put into the digital detox you organised with your teachers and classmates. We could
not provide the much-needed support without the help from students like you.
Your tremendous donation of €5110.00 is greatly appreciated. It will go a long way to help the
children and families in Ukraine, suppling them with lifesaving equipment such as food, water
and medicine; something we all can take for granted. Over the past few months, we have
delivered a lot of life saving aid, and now with your donation, we will be able to increase that
UNICEF is the world’s largest humanitarian organisation for children, our mission is to protect
the worlds most disadvantaged children. Raising money for Ukraine you are improving the lives
of those who need it most in a kind and thoughtful way, which is what being a humanitarian is.
By getting involved you have earned the title of humanitarian. So, Congratulations!
Keep up the excellent work you have been doing, we would love to continue hearing about the
brilliant work you do. You’re making a huge change in the world, fighting for a better future for
all. We are looking forward to keeping an eye out for the work you will continue to do as you get
Thank you again for all the support, the work we are doing thanks to you is truly making a real
difference on the ground. For that, we cannot thank you enough.
Kind Regards,
Amy Maher
Support Services Executive

Unicef Ireland

The 2022 Student Council will continue their work until the end of this calendar year, representing their classes and contributing to the development of the school.

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