Active Schools Flag

This year we are pursuing the Active Schools Flag and will regularly update progress on this page.

In terms of our formal PE lessons we are focusing on the Games Strand of the curriculum and paying particular attention to the fundamental skill of Kicking for the first few weeks.

The key points the boys will focus on to improve the mechanics of their kicking in the month of September are

  1. Approach the ball from behind and slightly to the side
  2. Place the non-kicking foot to the side of the ball
  3. Swing the kicking leg back to make an angle of at least 90 degrees
  4. Make contact with the ball using the shoelace or instep of the foot
  5. follow through in the direction of the target

Every week the boys will be given homework focusing on improving skills. For the month of September they are required to practise their kicking skills for 5 minutes a day. We ask parents to please support this initiative.

Each PE lesson will begin with a warm-up, where the boys will run through a range locomotor and neuromuscular movements like running, hopping, skipping, side stepping, bounding a-skipping, b-skipping and hopping.

The school has a rich tradition in both track and field and cross country running. Our success is largely due to a collective effort over the past decade to keep the boys active. In keeping with this tradition, the school is participating in the Daily Mile Challenge where the boys throughout the school will be required to run a mile (nominal) a day in a non-competitive environment.

24 2019
School Closure - Polling Station
03 2019
Bank Holiday - June
28 2019
Summer Holidays today
Ms. McDonough and Mr. Sheanon
Junior infants had a very exciting spring term with lots of activities from St. Patrick's day, Aistear fun, a dance show, spring art, an easter egg hunt and the excitement of the butterflies hatching from their chrysalis!!
Ms. McDonough 1st Class
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