The Great Wave by Hokusai

6th Class Responses to an Iconic Asian Artwork
The Great Wave by Hokusai

The boys in sixth class were studying Japan last week and for their Friday art activity were tasked with responding to the iconic work by Hokusai, entitled 'The Great Wave at Kanagawa'.

Hokusai's original work was created using a woodblock print and was one of a series of 36 images which featured views of Mount Fuji.

The boys were allowed to respond using whatever materials they had to hand, which lends our collection great variety, since we see responses in pencil sketch, crayon, paint and collage.

08 2020
June Bank Holiday
26 2020
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The boys in class 6A have been busy learning about ecosystems and plant life during this term. I think it is fair to say the boys got very creative and designed a stunning array of bird feeders using plastic bottles and other materials from home.
The boys in Mr. Melia’s class have been busy constructing their own ‘Mini football Games’. The boys have used a selection of materials such as paper, felt, plastic, wood (lollipop sticks), paint, magnets, counters, bottle caps etc. It is obvious that
The boys in class 6A enjoyed work with clay during the second term. We decide to create clay aliens. Look and see can you recognize any of the monsters created by the boys.
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