September Art Work

Class 6B Make An Artful Start To Sixth Class
September Art Work

The boys in Class 6B have taken to the sixth class art programme with no little enthusiasm, application and skill. To date, they have worked across a plethora of media and proven themselves adept in all disciplines.

Charcoal Crows

We started the year working with charcoal, a medium previously unfamiliar to a number of the boys. We began by practicing a number of techniques in shading and shadow to give our works a sense of depth and drama. For our first charcoal piece, we worked off a completed work of a sinister looking crow, perched on a branch.

Water-Colour Self-Portraits

Over the course of a fortnight, we engaged in an involved study of self-portraits, with the boys working with selfies, tracing, sketching and eventually water-colour painting. The results ranged from the hyper-realistic to the more abstract, all equally interesting and worthy.

Fabric Landscapes

The boys were tasked with creating landscape images from pieces of material stockpiled from clothes that were ready for recycling. We studied some work that professional artists had created using fabric and applied some of their techniques to our landscapes. A great example of visual art being more about the process than the product, the boys enjoyed ripping, cutting, fitting and fixing the materials to sheets of heavy cardboard and then embellishing their fabric landscapes with acrylic paint.

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