Senior Infants at the Science Fair

Ms.McMahon and Ms. McManus
Senior Infants at the Science Fair

Both Senior Infants had great fun at our recent school Science Fair. It was held in the hall where each class displayed an experiment that they had carried out in class. We all got to travel to each table where the experiment was explained to us and we got hands on experience as we investigated the experiments for ourselves.

There were so many experiments on display from electrical circuits to magnets and gravity to viscosity of liquid. One student in 5th class even had a project on quantum physics! Our favourite part was getting to learn about and hold a stick insect with the 6th class boys.

We can't forget our own experiment on seeing how liquid travels up through a plant. We used food colouring and sticks of celery to demonstrate this. We manned our station and were able to explain to the rest of the classes all about it!

Certainly a great day for Science in St.Brigid's!

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