Learning about Ethiopia


Written by Conor F and Sam C.

In Ms Lynch’s 5th class we have been learning about Ethiopia. We talked about the similarities and the differences between Ireland and Ethiopia. Both countries had a famine that resulted in over a million people dying. However, Ethiopia’s famine was much more recent, only in the year 1984! Farming provides a large portion of income in Ethiopia, other sources of income are cattle for their milk, bees for their honey and especially coffee beans. Ethiopia is Africa's biggest coffee producer.

We then worked in groups to look at some of the problems facing the Tigray region of Ethiopia such as, drought, flooding and poverty.Poor attendance to school provides another challenge for the Tigray region. In fact, only 36% of adults can read and write compared to 99% in Ireland.

We talked about Irish Aid and the vital work they do. In the Tigray region, Irish Aid have helped immensely. They built hill terraces to combat flooding and water pumps to help to cope with drought and to help irrigate the land.

In conclusion, Ethiopia is a very interesting country and we are sure we have only scratched the surface. We hope we continue learning about it as it is a fascinating place.

28 2019
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