Investigating Friction

2nd Class carried out tests on different surfaces to investigate the effect of friction.
Investigating Friction

2nd Class enjoyed investigating the effect of friction. We built a ramp using our Maths books and clipboards. We then attached different surfaces to the clipboards and let a car drive down the ramp. We learned that the less friction created between the wheels of the car and the surface, the further the car went. We discovered that bubble wrap creates a lot of friction...the car didn't move at all! There is very little friction between tinfoil and car tyres as the tinfoil is a very smooth surface. We made sure to carry out a fair test by making sure our surfaces were the same size, the height of the ramp was the same and we used the same car each time. We also realised that the grooves of our shoes are not just to make patterns but they help us to avoid slipping when we are walking and running. Friction is a very useful force!

07 2021
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30 2021
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