Healthy Body, Healthy Mind!

Ms Sheehy's boys have had a very active beginning to Second Class.
Healthy Body, Healthy Mind!

Since the beginning of Second Class, we have noticed that we concentrate better and learn more when we have lots of activity throughout the school day. We think a variety of exercise is very important and we try to include different activities every day.

We begin each morning outside in the fresh air with our 'Daily Mile' which we have combined with the 'Run Around Europe.' We are aiming to 'visit' as many European capital cities as we can over the year. We are currently running to Lisbon, Portugal and have already reached Moscow in Russia and Paris in France.

Our PE classes with Mr Coleman have also been lots of fun. We are concentrating on the fundamental movement skill of kicking at the moment and have been doing lots of energetic activities to practise this skill.

We have also been doing Gaelic Football with Johnny and it is easy to see our hand passes, catching and solos have greatly improved. Maybe some of us will even be so lucky as to play in Croke Park in a few years if we keep up the hard work!

On Wednesdays, we have the fantastic opportunity to work on our aquatic skills when we go for swimming lessons in Castlepark. Here, we are perfecting the front crawl, backstroke and breaststroke and also learning about water safety.

In the classroom, we also try to be as active as we can. We take movement breaks between lessons and dance along to GoNoodle songs. 'The Chicken Dance,' 'the Macarena' and 'Whoomp, There It Is' are some of our favourites.

Some of the photos are unfortunately not the best quality but only because we are all moving so quickly and having such a great time!

28 2019
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