Exploring Sound

Second Class have been learning about sound in Science
Exploring Sound

Ms Sheehy's boys learned all about sound in November. We did lots of activities including:

  • Learning about the inventor of the first telephone, Alexander Graham Bell. He proved to us that if at first you don't succeed, try again as he spent many years trying to get his invention to work.
  • Handling old mobile phones and comparing them to mobile phones today. We were very surprised to find out there was no such thing as a selfie a few years ago!
  • Going on a silent walk around the school listening to sounds we wouldn't usually notice. We then sorted them into high-pitched, medium-pitched sounds and low-pitched sounds.
  • Giving drawing instructions to our blindfolded partner. One boy drew a simple picture in his copy. He then described how to draw this to his blindfolded friend as he attempted to draw it. The results were very interesting and we learned about managing frustrations, finding a new way to explain something and being patient!
  • Learning that sound travels in waves. We observed sound waves by carrying out an experiment. We placed rice on a cling-filmed bowl and beat a baking tray close to it. The sound waves travelled from the tray through the air and made the rice move! That was a noisy afternoon!
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St Brigid's was ENORMOUSLY successful with the MS Readathon fundraiser in November!
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