Spring Walk in Senior Infants

Spring Walk in Senior Infants

The two Senior Infant classes went on a lovely spring walk to the Green in Kerrymount and observed signs of spring along the way.

We spotted buds and blossoms on the trees, beautiful spring flowers such as crocuses, snowdrops, and daffodils. All of the boys enjoyed the blue sky and the local environment.

The crocuses on the Green were particularly breathtaking and we noted how low off the ground they grow and the white stripe on the leaves. We were so inspired that we painted our own impressions of these beautiful flowers when we came back to the classroom.

We loved the snowdrops that we spotted in a driveway on the way to Kerrymount Green. We used tissue paper to create our own snowdrops.

We also used the bottom of the bottles to print beautiful blossoms.

08 2020
June Bank Holiday
26 2020
School closes for summer holidays
St. Brigid's BNS is closed under Government regulations due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
The boys in class 6A have been busy learning about ecosystems and plant life during this term. I think it is fair to say the boys got very creative and designed a stunning array of bird feeders using plastic bottles and other materials from home.
The boys in Mr. Melia’s class have been busy constructing their own ‘Mini football Games’. The boys have used a selection of materials such as paper, felt, plastic, wood (lollipop sticks), paint, magnets, counters, bottle caps etc. It is obvious that
The boys in class 6A enjoyed work with clay during the second term. We decide to create clay aliens. Look and see can you recognize any of the monsters created by the boys.
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