Making a Cloud



In Science class we have been studying clouds. Clouds are tiny droplets of water vapour that have been evaporated from our environment. When there is low air pressure in our environment the tiny water droplets that have been evaporated can condense together to form clouds. Here is an experiment we did in class to show how air pressure influences our environment's ability to form clouds.

Cloud in a Bottle Experiment

Apparatus: Rubbing alcohol, cork (with a small hole), 2L plastic bottle, pump and an assistant.


Step 1: Get your equipment ready.

Step 2: Pour the rubbing alcohol into the plastic bottle.

Step 3: Shake the alcohol around the bottle, this will help evaporation.

Step 4: Put the cork into the bottle.

Step 5: Pump air into the bottle (foot pumps are best), with help from an assistant. This makes high air pressure.

Step 6: Take the cork out of the bottle, releasing the air pressure.

Result: When you take the cork out of the bottle the high air pressure will escape from the bottle, so now, there is low pressure in the bottle. Low pressure helps clouds to form. This is why, when you take off the cork, a cloud will form in the bottle.

Conclusion: Low air pressure is needed for clouds to form.

By Scott Sweetman and Oliver Ryan

Click on this link below to see an experiment we carried out in class which demonstrates how clouds are formed.

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