Dreamspace at Microsoft

Ms Grogan's Fourth Class get to visit DreamSpace at Microsoft.

Fourth class got the fantastic opportunity to spend an afternoon of learning at DreamSpace Microsoft in Sandyford. The team at DreamSpace aim to the help the students, through the use of innovative technologies, discover the world of tomorrow and their place in it. The afternoon began with a tour of the head offices of Microsoft. The boys got to see the digital waterfall and 'swim' in the digital lake situated on the ground floor. This was followed by a quick snack on the life-size Minecraft blocks while the boys listened to a presentation on how technology is shaping our future.

The remainder of the afternoon was filled with creative, collaborative work. Using tablets and micro-bits, the boys learned how to code pictures, words and music. Later on, they had the opportunity to use the colourful, bright, free space to create their own virtual reality videos using Paint 3D. They got to sit back on the comfy chairs and watch each other's creations. The boys had an extremely fun day. They left with a very generous goody-bag but also a new understanding of their potential in shaping our future with the help of technology.

28 2019
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