Designing Parachutes

Designing Parachutes

Fourth class were busy working in groups designing parachutes. They were given a number of various materials (felt,newspaper,plastic and a j-cloth), a ball of string, masking tape and a scissors. The aim was to design and build a parachute that would safely land a 'Lego man' to the ground form a specific height. The parachute which took the longest to land the 'Lego man' were the winners. Each group had very interesting designs and there was only a fraction of a second between the winners and the runners-up. Thankfully all 'Lego men' had a safe landing!

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Portraits Inspired By The Spanish Master
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The boys in class 6A have been busy learning about ecosystems and plant life during this term. I think it is fair to say the boys got very creative and designed a stunning array of bird feeders using plastic bottles and other materials from home.
The boys in Mr. Melia’s class have been busy constructing their own ‘Mini football Games’. The boys have used a selection of materials such as paper, felt, plastic, wood (lollipop sticks), paint, magnets, counters, bottle caps etc. It is obvious that
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